] salvaged timber bar [13 photos
[brief] design & create a feature wet bar (kitchenette) to compliment the yoga space, using eco-friendly materials & coatings. [solution] a delightful composition of hand-selected salvaged timber bench top (norfolk pine) with leftover timber floorboards and featuring a secondhand (but never used) stainless steel sink. The benchtop surface is coated in an eco, low VOC but hardwearing and non-porous coating. Likewise the salvaged timber splashback, carcass and doors are finished with zero VOC, natural beeswax for moisture protection. A low VOC/eco-specification project, designed and procured as part of the conversion from garage to multi-purpose room. design + eco-specification by : Michelle M Gunders @ Culture Botanica craftsmanship by : Raven Timberworks, Pete Walcott, Enviro Colour Eco Painter - Gary McCallum